Benefits of a fast website

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Faster websites make more money

Performance matters. The relationship between performance and revenue has been shown over and over again. Here are just a few examples:

  • Amazon loses 1% of sales for every 100ms it takes their site to load.1
  • Shopzilla reduced their loading time from 7 seconds to 2. This performance boost resulted in a 25% increase in pageviews and a 9.5% increase in revenue.2
  • Mozilla shaved 2.2 seconds off their landing pages and increased download conversions by 15.4%, generating millions of additional Firefox downloads every year.3

How speed affects your conversion rate

Speed affects conversions in a big way. For most e-commerce stores, the association between speed and conversions looks something like the graph below. In this example, you can see that visitors who experience an average 1 second load time convert twice as often as visitors who experience an 4 second average load time.

How Torbit can help make you fast

Torbit Insight gives you the data you need to measure your performance and quantify how much speed matters for your business. We'll use data from your actual visitors to create graphs like the ones in our examples but customized just for you. Once you have accurate measurement in place, Site Optimizer can automatically optimize the front-end of your site, typically doubling your speed.
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Insight lets you measure your current website performance and quantify how much money is at stake for each second it takes your website to load.


With Site Optimizer you can automatically optimize the front end of your website to double your speed. There is no software or hardware to install.


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