Torbit presents at Boulder Beta 1.0

by Suzan Bond on March 3, 2011

On February 15th, Boulder was introduced to a new event created just for the entrepreneurial community: Boulder Beta. Created by Tim Falls, a recent CU MBA graduate who works at SendGrid, Boulder Beta was created to give the community a chance to connect with local startups in a more relaxed atmosphere. The other guiding principle of this event was to bring the entrepreneurial community and CU’s campus closer. This 3 hour event allowed attendees to watch a demo of each company at their own pace rather than being having to be in a seat at a prescribed time. It also gave attendees the chance to talk with co-founders of the company as well as meet other startup enthusiasts.

Torbit was lucky to be one of 9 companies asked to demo their products at the inaugural event of Boulder Beta. Torbit CEO Josh Fraser and CTO Jon Fox were both on hand at the event to demonstrate the product and answer questions about how it works. The other companies included: BlipSnips, Deliverss, Forkly, Occipital, OneTrueFan, Orbotix, SwagLove, rainmaker, YapTime. I spoke with Josh Fraser about his experience in the demo seat for the first of what is sure to many successful events.

What made you want to participate in this event?
I’m good friends with Tim and we’re big fans of SendGrid so we wanted to support them. And of course, it’s always great to be a part of such a great event.

What did you like best about presenting at Boulder Beta?
It was great to meet new people and talk with them about what we’re up to. At most events people are usually more interested in mingling with people they already know rather than talking with the presenters. At Boulder Beta we had a non-stop stream of people who wanted to see a demonstration of our product. While there were some we knew the majority were people we’d never met before which is always fun.

This kind of event is perfect for Torbit since it gives people the chance to see the product in action. Being able to watch a Torbit optimized site next to one that isn’t demonstrates the benefit of using this product–especially on a content heavy site. At Boulder Beta, we demoed a site loading almost 3 times faster after adding Torbit. Watching that demo really drives home the value we are providing.

How successful was the event for your company?
Nearly everyone who saw a demo of our product signed up to use it so it was enormously successful for Torbit. It was also great to demo our product next to so many of our friends. We can’t wait for the next one!

What would you say to company considering presenting at Boulder Beta in the future?
Do it! There is no reason not to demo your product at this event. We’d do it again if they’d let us!

Most random fun moment of the night?
Dancing with Julie Penner at the after party!

Missed Boulder Beta 1.0? You can see the demo Torbit showed right here. And next make sure to get in on one of the best entrepreneurial events in Boulder.

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