Torbit adds support for WebP

by Josh Fraser on April 5, 2011

WebP LogoWe’re excited to announce the release of a new performance filter for Torbit-powered sites.

WebP (pronounced “weppy”) is a fairly new image format from Google. In a test with 900,000 images from around the web, Google found their WebP format made images 39.8% smaller than jpeg images of similar quality. Since smaller files download faster than large ones, this new format can have a big impact on website performance. Check out the Google gallery for a few example images.

The only problem is that WebP is currently only supported in the latest versions of Chrome and Opera. For many webmasters, it doesn’t make sense to store duplicate copies of every image just for those two browsers.

That’s where Torbit comes in.

As of Friday, we’ve started making WebP copies of every image and will serve them instead when a visitor is using a browser that supports WebP. We are already seeing impressive results since adding this new optimization, especially on image-heavy sites. We are still gathering data on how much of a difference WebP makes and we plan on sharing those numbers soon.

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