Announcing Torbit Insight: the easiest way to add Real User Measurement to your site

by Josh Fraser on April 25, 2012

Today, we are proud to announce a new product called Torbit Insight. Torbit Insight is a Real User Measurement (RUM) tool that allows website owners to see the actual loading times for every visitor to their site. The best part is that it also lets you see the correlation between your web page speed and core business metrics like your bounce rate and conversion rate.

For the last year and a half at Torbit we have focused on making the Internet a faster place for everyone. Businesses rely on our Site Optimizer product to make their websites load fast because they understand that page speed is crucial to their bottom line. Now, with the launch of Insight, website owners have an easy tool to evaluate how fast their site is loading and quantify how much performance matters to their business.

Torbit Insight is unlike anything that’s available on the market today. Unlike synthetic testing, where your website is loaded from a few key servers around the world, Insight uses JavaScript to measure the actual load times for every visitor to your site. This gives you access to far more data than you would have with synthetic testing. With Insight, you don’t have to make any assumptions about which variables are impacting your website performance, like whether people are visiting the site for the first time, which browser they are using, or which part of the world they live in.

Massive websites like Amazon have the statistics to show that a 0.1 second delay in load time can lead to a 1% drop in their sales. But what about everyone else? What do slow load times mean for your business? We wanted to build a tool to show how important speed is for everyone, from top Internet retailers, to media properties, to startups. There was simply nothing out there that tied it all together to help make a business case for web performance.

Torbit Insight uses data that has only recently become available in browsers to show you the speed of each visitor navigating to your website. Rather than rounding everything into an average, we show you key metrics like the median page load speed along with load times of the 90th, 95th and 99th percentiles of your visitors. These additional metrics are an important differentiator for Insight since performance data has frequent outliers, and the data can be quite misleading if you only consider averages.

With graphs that correlate page speed to your bounce rate as well as conversion rates, Torbit Insight helps you understand in real-time where your site is slow and why. We’ll show you where your visitors are coming from and suggest optimizations that can be made on the front-end to drastically increase your website’s performance.

Dozens of top sites across the Internet are already using Insight, including top retailers like Wayfair and large media properties like the Cheezburger Network. Recently we made a video with Jonathan Klein who leads the performance team at Wayfair. Here is what he had to say:

Today, we’re rolling out Insight with three plans: Free, Standard and Premium. We’ve worked hard to build this product and we’re incredibly excited to get to finally share it with you. We look forward to hearing your feedback as we continue to do everything we can to make the internet a faster and better place for everyone.

Learn more or Sign up for free to start measuring your performance today.

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