Making the internet faster

Torbit provides Real User Measurement (RUM) and Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) solutions to help make the web a faster and better place.
We live to make the

internet faster

and better for everyone
Torbit was founded

by engineers

and proven entrepreneurs
We're backed by great


like Trinity & K9 Ventures
We're located in

Silicon Valley

in San Mateo, CA

We believe websites should be fast

We founded Torbit because we believe performance matters. We spent years learning how to make websites load fast. In the past, we wasted a lot of time at previous companies doing performance optimizations by hand. We built Torbit because we thought there had to be a better way. Torbit makes advanced performance optimization techniques available to everyone without requiring lots of time or technical knowledge.

At Torbit we’re revolutionizing how people think about web performance optimization. We have a deep technical understanding of how the internet works and how websites are built. We also understand the key metrics that matter to businesses and are dedicated to providing:

  • Reliable service
  • Outstanding performance
  • Unbeatable customer support




Torbit is backed by some great angel and institutional investors: