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Conversion rate analysis

You've heard the statistics on how much speed matters for sites like Amazon, but what about your site? With Torbit Insight, you can finally know how much each second is worth for your business. Add our conversion tracking to your site and weʼll show you exactly how much speed affects your conversion rate and revenue.

Bounce rate analysis

It makes sense: the longer your site takes to load, the more people are going to click the back button, especially when coming from a search engine results page. Insight is the tool that explains why you should invest in performance at your company. By tracking your bounce rate, you can quantify how much speed really matters for your business.

User engagement analysis

See how much speed affects your user engagement. We'll track how many pages per session are viewed on your site and correlate how much performance matters. This is particularly important for ad-driven sites that want to increase the number of pageviews per session.

Actionable data

The Insight dashboard gives you a list of the best and worst performing URLs on your site so you can make sure youʼre fast on the pages that matter most. You can also see customized suggestions for each page on how you could make your site load faster.

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