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Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO)

80% of performance is front end

80% of the time your visitors spend waiting for your site to load is due to the front end. 1 HTML is usually ready in a few hundred milliseconds, but browsers spend the remaining time downloading and rendering images, JavaScript, and CSS. Site Optimizer makes your website faster by automatically optimizing the front end. Our cloud-based software performs dozens of optimizations, including:

  • Automated CDN provisioning
  • Faster rendering
  • Automated content versioning
  • Payload reduction
  • Resource consolidation
  • Protocol optimization
  • Smart content caching
  • Image optimizations
  • Resource filtering
  • Connection management
  • Browser adaptive optimizations
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Mobile matters

Performance on mobile devices is especially important due to network speeds and limited CPU power. The screen on an iPhone is 2.5 inches wide, yet most sites still send down full-sized images and non-optimized resources. Doing performance optimizations for every mobile device by hand would be a tedious and daunting task. With Site Optimizer, your website will be optimized for every mobile device automatically!

Browser Specific

People visit your website from dozens of different browsers and each browser supports different features and acts just a little bit differently. For most people, it's simply not feasible to optimize for each browser. Site Optimizer lets you take advantage of browser specific optimizations without spending months of research on browser behavior.

On-the-fly optimizations

Site Optimizer can optimize your content regardless of whether it is static or dynamically generated. Our system pre-generates each of the optimized files needed for your site making on-the-fly optimizations possible for personalized content.

Cloud advantage

One of the biggest advantages of Site Optimizer is that it is hosted in the cloud. This means we can get you set up and running in minutes without any software or hardware to install or update. You simply point your DNS at us, and everything works the same, only faster! We use servers around the world with full redundancy. We have reliable infrastructure you can trust and we are ready to scale up when your traffic spikes.

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Common questions

Do I need to install anything?

Nope. A simple DNS change is all that’s required. No software or hardware required.

I already use a CDN. Do I still need Site Optimizer?

Yes. While a CDN will help with content delivery, it won't optimize your actual content.

Will my website incur downtime at setup?

No. You won't lose a single pageview.