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Just update your DNS settings. No downtime or lost traffic.

No software or hardware installation required

Speeding up your site with Site Optimizer requires only a small change to your DNS settings. Site Optimizer then acts as a reverse-proxy that optimizes your website on the fly. We support the following setup methods:

  • Hosted DNS
    With the hosted method, you'll change your name servers to use Torbit (, etc) and we'll host your DNS for you.
    This option is best for sites that are hosted on the registered domain ( instead of or want the extra speed boost of fast DNS.
    With the CNAME method, you'll change your CNAME record for your domain to point to Torbit.
    This option works well for sites that don't want to send 100% of their traffic through Torbit.


The Site Optimizer service is hosted from multiple data centers around the world. We have complete redundancy and fail over at every layer of our stack. We guarantee 100% uptime.

Site Optimizer does most of the heavy lifting ahead of time so the proxied optimizations mostly consist of really fast string replacements (for example, swapping out an image for one that has been optimized and moved to a CDN). Site Optimizer will pass along any cookies or other headers. If the request is for a static page, Site Optimizer will serve it up directly from cache for even greater speed.

SSL support

You have several options on how you want to handle secure content when using Site Optimizer:

  • Hosted certificate (recommended)
    For best performance, we recommend you upload a copy of your SSL certificate to Torbit. This will allow us to optimize your content while not storing any sensitive data. We're PCI-compliant and have robust security practices in place for handling and storing your certificate.
  • Seperate domain
    If your secure pages are already on a separate subdomain (like your visitor’s will communicate directly with your servers and Torbit won’t be involved.
  • Pass through
    If your secure pages are on the same domain as your website, you can have us pass along the secure content leaving it untouched. In this case, the data will be fully encrypted so we won't be able to view it, however we also won't be able to optimize your content in any way. For that reason, this method is not usually recommended.

  • Your CDN or ours

    Content delivery networks (CDN's) are an important component of site performance. Site Optimizer will work with your existing CDN if you have one. Otherwise, we'll take care of getting one set up for you.

    If you have other questions, please contact us.

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Common questions

Do I need to install anything?

Nope. A simple DNS change is all that’s required. No software or hardware required.

I already use a CDN. Do I still need Site Optimizer?

Yes. While a CDN will help with content delivery, it won't optimize your actual content.

Will my website incur downtime at setup?

No. You won't lose a single pageview.